Lucky Draws for Large Propane Smokers in IUGG Conference

One of the sponsors for the 26th conference of the International Union of Garden Growers is the brand maker of a large propane smoker–the Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Corporation. They are well-known for their effective and premium quality propane smokers. The Masterbuilt PSC is a manufacturer of easy-to-use and innovative cooking products for decades. This time around, the corporation decided to become a sponsor of the IUGG conference and have five of their large propane smokers be given away through a lucky draw. During the conference, 5 lucky winners are going to get this as a prize. When asked about their sponsorship, the reply was, “both the organization and this corporation have come to terms that Garden Growers deserves to have a smoked barbecue in their garden using this propane smoker”, one of the corporation’s directors replied.

Apparently, Masterbuilt PRC propane smokers are designed in a way that it can provide a more controlled temperature environment for the smoking of the meat. This works by generating heat through a gas burner under an iron-covered charcoal that provides the smoke. The smoke and heat will then eventually circulate inside the propane smoker box giving an impact towards the meat by its heat and will then result in cooking the meat. Apparently, the steel or iron box features few vent holes located on its top surface.

Cooking meats through the method of smoking add flavor and help slow down food spoilage due to its potential for preservation. Smoked foods are both antimicrobial and antioxidant. Smoking is suitable for oily fishes since its antioxidant properties prevent rancidification of the surface fat and may delay the fat interior exposure by degrading oxygen.

Having smoked meat with your family and friends through the Masterbuilt PSC is a great way to spend the weekends and relax from gardening duties. It demands less energy exertion, so it is not daunting at all. It is acknowledged that the members of the International Union of Garden Growers earn this kind of reward and break. The draw will start after the speakers are done presenting. It will be initiated by the manager of the Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Corporation.

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