Popular Massage Chair Manufacturer Sponsors IUGG 26th conference

The International Union of Garden Growers has invited the presence of a renowned massage chair manufacturer in their 26th conference at Prague, Czech Republic. The Smart Chair Recliners Incorporated is behind the creation of the most distinguished and top-rated recliner massage seats out there in the market. They have answered the IUGG’s invitation by sending out 10 of their recliner massage seats to be presented at the conference. They have allowed the organization members to use and try their product. This sponsorship will serve as an opportunity for them to celebrate and commemorate their 180th anniversary in the industry.

Apparently, the first manufactured and publicly introduced massage chair can be traced back to the year 1980. The Smart Chair Recliners Incorporated was just 8 years late from its founding date. Before, the intention was just to emulate the motions and techniques of a professional masseuse. Its main purpose was to relieve stress and tension and ease back pains. Having said that, its purpose and objective have been retained at modern times, but it is innovated and improved due to the spurring competitors. The Smart Chair Recliners Incorporated is one of those manufacturers that innovated and introduced a new concept of massage chairs.

Recliner massage seats were developed due to the constant need for comfort and relaxation by the consumers. The SCRI has manufactured massage seats that can fully recline and spin at 360 degrees to meet the consumer’s needs and wants. This massage chair model is designed to be available with uncomplicated options. Its corresponding remote control would be able to take care of the bare essentials even yet for advanced functions. The recliner massage seats that the Smart Chair Recliners Incorporated have manufactured are comfortable and are deemed to last long.

During the conference, 10 different recliner massage seat type models will be available. These include the H-V reclining massage seat, Ergonomic recliner sofa lounge, E-Massage recliner Chair, L-P massage chair, M-SH massage sofa, PU leather massage recliner, ModernCombo recliner, iRobotics massage sofa, MegaBuild massage chair, and U-touch recliner massage sofa. These combinations share the same features–low price range, made of leather material, blend-in design, and smaller sizes. Unlike other brands, the design of the SCRI recliner massage chairs blends well with home furniture and can fit in with traditional setups. You will hardly recognize these models as massage chairs until they are turned on. Compared to other recliner massage chairs, these products are smaller, so they require lesser space. This is ideal to be brought and be used in the conference.

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