The Ultimate Checklist for Growing Marijuana

Who would not fancy growing marijuana and enjoy the numerous health benefits from its CBD oil extracts? Well, as tempting as it sounds, growing marijuana has its ups and downs. As you consider venturing in the lucrative exercise, here is the ultimate checklist for growing marijuana.

The Grow Area

Depending on how large or small your marijuana growing venture will be, the first step is to consider the space you need. While mulling over the area, be sure to think about the kind of workforce you need to prepare it. For instance, if you want a more comfortable and effective growing area; opting for a pre-packaged grow room with a tent is ideal. However, if you are handy and enjoy drilling and building stuff, then building your grow area is the go-to choice.


One of the significant items on your checklist is how you are going to light up the grow area. This requires careful contemplation of the growing area as well as the budget. Your budget will dictate the kind of lighting you can purchase.  You can choose from:

  • High-intensity discharge lights
  • LED grow lights
  • T5 Fluorescent grow lights

Lighting the grow area significantly affects the yield. Keep in mind that like any other green plants, cannabis needs light for photosynthesis.


Airflow plays a vital role in determining how successful your marijuana growing efforts pan out. If the growing area is not well ventilated, there will be stale air buildup which will eventually lead to a clogged stoma, meaning that your beloved plants will not be able to effectively take in Co2 and give off oxygen (respiration process). In such situations, the plants’ branches will weaken as well as experience stunted growth, leading to little or no yields. Even the yields you get from such plants will not produce as much CBD oil as is desired.

Humidity and Temperature Control

The next item on your checklist is the growing area’s humidity and temperature, given that too high or low of the two significantly affects the plants as highlighted below.

  • High temperatures translate to perfect mold environment, impaired photosynthesis and loss of water at a faster rate while high humidity leads to root rot and nutrients lockout or burn, causing a deficiency.
  • Low temperatures slow the breakdown of nutrients, lead to poor nutrients absorption and consequently slow the growth rate. Low humidity, on the other hand, brings about leaves curling and wilting and affects the growth rate. Low humidity also creates a perfect environment for pests such as termites.

Growing Medium

As you consider the medium to use, the first step is to determine the effort and time you are willing to employ. The main choices are:


Soil is ideal when you have lesser time as well as prowess in growing marijuana. Since soil has its nutrients, feeding your plants is simple. The medium, however, has a slower growth rate and correcting nutrients problem is not easy.

Hydroponic System

The hydroponic system gives the fastest growth rate, but it requires a certain level of prowess to ensure that you do not over or underfeed the plants. Correcting the nutrients problem is, however, easy as it only involves mixing the nutrients in a water reservoir. If you are not attentive enough, you may end up with little to no yield as a result of root rot.

Coco Blends

The medium takes nutrients like soil but flows faster much like the hydroponic medium. Correcting nutrients problem is easy, but the issue of root rot and over and underfeeding is a concern that you need to be wary of.

With the above information at your fingertips, growing marijuana for CBD oil or recreational purposes will be not only successful but also fun. Choose your elements wisely, giving deep thought to each and every significant aspect.

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