What to Wear While Gardening

what to wear while gardening

Gardening is a relaxing activity. Being able to take care of plants is just like taking care of a pet or an infant. Just like any occasion, you dress for the part. Appropriate clothing is essential for the activities you are going to do. Gardening can get you down and dirty because of the amount of labor you will be doing, so be sure to dress ideally.

What is the proper attire to wear while gardening?

It is advisable that you use clothes you are comfortable getting dirty and stained with. Clothes like custom shirts and pants that you can move freely in. Here are some types of clothing on what to wear while gardening:


  • It is advisable to wear a comfortable shirt. T-shirts that are not too tight to feel constricting but not too loose to snag on branches or anything that can catch your shirt is best.
  • A breathable shirt is good for gardening because you will be sweating from the physical activity and the heat.
  • Long-sleeves are also a good option because they can protect your arms from sharp objects or accidents which can cause bruises and scrapes on your exposed arms.

what to wear while gardening


  • Pants are ideal instead of shorts because just like long-sleeve shirts, it can protect you from the sun’s rays, bruises, and scrapes.
  • Tights pants or leggings cannot protect you from sharp objects as they might snap and even rip. Loose pants can also be uncomfortable because of it being ill-fitting.
  • Pants with pockets to hold gardening tools for easier access is a plus.


  • Closed-toe shoes are ideal because it prevents injuries from your footwear snagging on branches or any rough surface.
  • Old sneakers or rubber shoes can be put to good use because you would not mind getting tough stains on it.


  • Protecting yourself is your priority. Working under the sun’s heat will make you sweat and can cause an increase in body temperature. Wearing a hat or any protective headgear from the sun’s ray will help keep your body temperature normal and reduce the incidents of heat stroke.
  • Farmers in the countryside usually wear straw hats. Straw hats provide breathable comfort and can be easily cleaned.
  • A tip when it comes to headwear is to place a cloth or bandana underneath to absorb sweat.


  • Your hands will be the busiest part of your body. You want to protect them from both debris and creepy crawlers that can bite or sting you.
  • Gloves can also prevent dirt from going underneath your nails, making it easier to clean up after yourself.

Doing an enjoyable activity is paired with how you can comfortably move around. Wearing restricting and clothing not compatible with the activity can add unnecessary stress and make it unenjoyable.


Wearing the right clothes provides both comfort and protection while you do an activity you enjoy. Comfortable, breathable, right-fitting clothes are ideal for when you decide on getting on your hands and knees and start digging. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty. Happy gardening!

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