How To Dress Up For A Day In The Garden

Day In The Garden

Spending some time in the garden on a daily basis requires you to get a special gardening attire. Garden apparels are very important since they protect you from the sun, mud, stinging insects and other physical injuries. What’s great is that planning your garden dress style doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to click here and wear the most essential protective apparels and you’re good to go. Read below for the list of the necessary items to wear when spending a day in the garden.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

You should wear a long sleeve T-shirt or shirt to protect your arms from being burnt by extreme sun rays. The shirt should be loose enough to allow you to bed and stretch without difficulties.

Loose Baggy Trouser

The trouser you wear should be baggy enough to allow you to stretch and bend as you work. Your trouser should also have numerous pockets for keeping your phone, camera and any other tool you might be having. Avoid wearing shorts since they will expose you to sun rays and other physical injuries.

Garden Gloves

Garden gloves are very essential especially when pruning, weeding and mixing soil. They are crucial when handling thorny plants as they protect your hands from physical injuries. They protect the nails against being destroyed by sand.

Wide Hat

The hat you wear during your garden day should be wide and rimmed. It’s an important garden apparel as it protects you from being burnt by extreme sun rays while working on the garden. A garden hat should be light and stain resistant. A bandana will be very essential to wear beneath the hat so as to absorb sweat and keep stray hair away from dirt.

Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen lotion is used to protect the skin against sunburn. It should be applied to all exposed body parts including your back. This is because every time you bend, the back is exposed to sunburns.

Garden Boots

Gardeners should wear flexible boots that protect them from being physically injured by objects on the ground. Boots are also important as they protect your feet from getting wet and dirty. Avoid wearing shoes since they can’t protect you well and will even get spoilt easily.

Light Colored Clothes

Some people prefer wearing dark clothes, but it’s not advisable since mosquitoes and other insects get attracted to dark colors. Therefore, you should wear light-colored clothes when going to the garden.

Pro-tip: Avoid Metallic Belts

Tight metallic belts are likely to cause physical harm to your belly due to friction exerted on your skin every time you bend while working. Belts made from cloths are the best for gardening.

In addition, women should avoid wearing skirts when visiting the garden. They should wear trousers for protection.

Garden attire should be casual and highly comfortable to allow you to work without disturbance. Every time you go to work in your garden, ensure that you wear protective gear. Wearing a full garden gear portrays a high level of professionalism in farming.

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