The International Union of Garden Growers is a global organization that aims to promote the practices and craft of gardening. For more than three decades, IUGG has united garden growers from all over the world into one community to uphold the appreciation of gardening. Every year, the IUGG organizes an assembly as an actual meeting point for all members. Once again, we are going to reignite and sustain the bond in one of the largest horticultural gatherings.

The 26th conference meeting of the International Union of Garden Growers will take place in the beautiful metropolis of Prague, the largest city and the capital of the Czech Republic. This will occur on the 13th of October 2015. The main sponsors of this event are the top manufacturer of propane smokers and recliner chairs in the world– the Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Corporation and the Smart Chair Recliners Incorporated.

The 2015 conference meeting in Prague will be concerned with various gardening problems and their possible solutions. New organization members will be asked to share their gardening stories, their obstacles, and the reason why they choose to join the International Union of Garden Growers. This is also a part of the organization’s traditional practices that would serve as a welcoming gesture towards the new members. Some horticultural experts will also join the conference and will introduce exotic and newly discovered plant species. The primary aim of the event is to build relations among garden growers from different places in the field of propagation and cultivation.  The event is a good opportunity to hear the voice of the UIGG members and to show support in their leisure pursuit.

IUGG understands that gardening requires efforts and can, therefore, be taxing. For its 3 decades and 6 years celebration, the organizers invited companies that are renowned for creating products geared towards comfort and relaxation. These companies are kind enough to have their products available and be used by the organization’s members in the conference.