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Visa issues


Visa & Invitation Letter Information

Due to a high number of applicants, the estimated duration for visas to be issued is one month. It is therefore strongly advised to start the application procedure as soon as possible. The organising company will start issuing the invitation/confirmation letters from February and the earliest possible date to apply for a visa at the embassy is 3 month in advance.

Visitors from non-Schengen countries must possess a passport valid for at least a three month stay. Participants are advised to find their respective diplomatic missions or embassy. As offices aren’t available in all countries, it is necessary to either apply at an embassy representing the CZ (listed here) or to travel to an assigned embassy in another country (listed here). It is not possible to obtain a visa upon arrival at Prague airport. Please note that the visa procedure can take up to one month.

It is necessary that the applicant applies in person at the embassy. This is due to a new Visa Information System, which requires the collection of fingerprints.

Arrangements have been made with local ministry of foreign affairs and in a conclusion invitation letters are issued exclusively by the organising company.

Conditions to issue the invitation letter are as follows:

  • paid registration fee
  • completed online visa form
  • proof that the applicant is part of a geoscience organisation, such as a membership ID, confirmation from the employer or proof of student ID

Additional documents are requested in order to apply for a visas at the embassy, these are listed here.

Reimbursement requests caused by visa denial or expatriation of the delegate will be handled on an individual basis.

Accompanying person/s

Please note that different conditions apply for the accompanying person/s. Each participant is allowed to have one additional accompanying person and/or children unless furthermore specified.

Each case will be examined on the individual basis. Also the embassy may refuse the visas for the accompanying person. In such case, the decision is definitive and organizer has no right to interfere/change the decision.

Should you have additional questions, please contact the Secretariat.

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